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From the President

According to an old adage, “it’s not just what you say, but it’s how you say it.” In reality, there are a lot of good things to say about Southwestern Adventist University. But there are inherent challenges in spreading that information in a consistent way.

The information contained in this branding standards guide is provided by Marketing and Public Relations as a resource to strengthen the identity and brand recognition of Southwestern Adventist University. These guidelines represent the efforts of this institution to communicate consistently about our mission. The system of logos, wordmarks, and slogans, along with the descriptions and abbreviations that define them, are a part of the language we will utilize to communicate about the University, and their consistent use will help to strengthen the Southwestern Adventist University brand. More importantly, it will help us to speak with one voice as we tell the story of our institution.

I can hardly emphasize enough the importance of implementing the standards established in this guide, regardless of the scope of the project or the size of the audience, in all of our communication. Doing so will not only strengthen Southwestern’s brand recognition, but it will also help to solidify our reputation as a mature institution.

In a time when many people are unsure about the future, one of our best resources is a body of communication that speaks to the mission and purpose of Southwestern Adventist University in a consistent and unified manner. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and compliance with these standards.

And as always, thank you for being a part not just of what we say, but also how we say it.

Seal and Logos

Use of the Southwestern Adventist University seal should be limited to formal or official communication. Examples of appropriate seal usage include diplomas, certificates, legal documents, and limited campus signage.

The Southwestern Adventist University logo is made up of a wordmark, comprised of the word “Southwestern” stacked over the words “Adventist University” and separated by a line, which is paired with the clocktower in one of several layouts and color configurations. Maroon, black, white, and off-white versions may be used on all University communication pieces, while use of the gold version should be restricted to formal communication from the President.

Please note that several versions of each file have been made available, each with a different intent. For example, CMYK and PMS versions have been provided for use in print, while RGB versions are meant for screen and web applications. Should you have questions about the best filetype for your project, please contact Marking and Public Relations via email or call (817) 202-6632.

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Primary Color Palette

Southwestern’s primary color palette is made up of Maroon (CMYK:; RGB: 152.50.34; HEX: 983222; PMS: 484), Gold (CMYK:; RGB: 180.167.108; HEX B4A76C; PMS: 4515), Black, and White. A supplementary Off-White (CMYK:; RGB: 224.222.217; HEX: E0DED9; PMS:7499) may also be used in limited applications. If circumstances allow, a metallic gold ink should be used.

Illustrator and InDesign color swatches are also available for download.

Standard Fonts

The primary typefaces for Southwestern Adventist University are Minion Pro and Calibri. These typefaces should be used whenever possible. Minion Pro is a strong serif font, suitable for use as a headline or body copy. Calibri is a more informal sans serif font that also works well for both headlines and paragraph text.

Due to licensing restrictions, we are unable to provide fonts for download. However, you may contact Marketing and Public relations via email or call (817) 202-6632 for more information about acquiring the fonts.

Acronym Usage

In order to strengthen the Southwestern Adventist University brand, usage of the SWAU acronym should be discontinued. In rare circumstances where the acronym is a necessity, a clear connection with the full name of the University must be present.

Southwestern Adventist University should be referred to as “Southwestern” in circumstances in which space does not allow for the full name to be printed, and only after the full name of the school has been included in body text. The only notable exception to this policy is the University’s web address and connected email accounts.


Southwestern has recently partnered with Cockrell Enovations to deliver an online ordering system for letterhead, envelopes, and business cards. University faculty and staff with a designated account are encouraged to order online.

In special circumstances, business cards or stationery may require a custom setup to accommodate lengthy email or web addresses, or to include a custom QR code (available by contacting ITS). In such cases, individuals should contact Marketing and Public Relations.

To request a portal login, or to discuss custom stationery artwork, please contact Marketing and Public Relations via email or by calling (817) 202-6632.